Integrated Portfolio Overlay

One single account – one custodian – one overlay manager

  1. Total portfolio & risk mgt
  2. Palladiem: macro and risk manager
  3. External investment managers: idea generation (alpha)
  4. Competitive & transparent fee structure
  5. Eliminate redundancies
  6. Simplified benchmarking
  7. Better chance of meeting financial objectives

Daily transparency & daily liquidity

  1. Ease of portfolio transitions
  2. Respond to major shifts in market cycle
  3. Clear view of risk to clients
  4. Better approach to manage to client specific constraints and objectives

Optimize all inputs and ideas from Palladiem, Advisor and external money managers

  1. Best thinking from both a “top-down” & bottoms up standpoint
  2. Robust & consistent execution: minimize emotional decisions
  3. Parse alpha from beta at the total portfolio level
  4. Refocuses client attention on the “right” benchmark: total assets vs total liabilities (or long-term financial objectives)
  1. Better Investment Outcomes
  2. Lower Trading & Execution Costs
  3. Operational Efficiencies
  4. Lower Fees

Your success requires focus on achieving your clients’ desired outcomes. Our integrated portfolio overlay approach allows you to do just that.